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Photo of a girl with black hair holding up two stickers of a red envelope on a laptop display

Vietnamese Student Association Graphics




Graphic Designer & Event Coordinator

Spring 2019 - Spring 2020

Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet, PaintTool SAI, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC


The Challenge

How to take charge of branding for the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA). Responsibilities include creating flyers, stickers, and event pages that promote the Vietnamese student community and cultural awareness at Michigan State University.


A graph showing three steps of a design process: stickers, event banners, and event branding


The graphic below is a sticker created to fundraise for VSA’s Lunar New Year event.

A sticker design with a rat with glasses that reads 'Year of the Rat'
The back of a sticker that is a solid color with a VSA logo

This graphic was intended to represent a Phở bowl—a popular Vietnamese cuisine—to raise money for VSA.

Sketch of the Phở bò
Finished product of the Phở bò sticker
Picture of a girl with tied back hair holding two Phở bò stickers

Event Banners

Here is an example of a banner posted on Facebook to promote upcoming VSA events.

A graphic banner promoting an event for the Lunar New Year

Event Branding

The largest event of the school year was the 30th anniversary of VSA. This event invited VSA alumni and general body to come celebrate through a formal event planned by VSA board. As an event coordinator, I worked to create graphics that branded the event.

A style tile for the VSA 30th anniversary event A customized menu for the 30th anniversary dinner A SnapChat filter created for the 30th anniversary event