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Drawing of a girl with curly pigtails shown on a laptop display

The Walking Dead's Clementine




Digital Artist

December 2019

Wacom Intuos Drawing Tablet, PaintTool SAI, Adobe Photoshop CC


The Challenge

The character draws is from Telltale's The Walking Dead Game. The Walking Dead series takes place in a universe where a virus, and zombies, exist and survival is vital to those who have not contracted the virus. The purpose for this piece was to capture the darkness that brings fear and loneliness in a post-apocalyptic world.

Finished art piece of young teen girl with short, curly pigtails and baseball cap


A graph showing four steps of a design process: sketch, color palette, detailing, and finishings


Going into the sketch I referred to official Telltale concept art and the character model for Clementine in order to emulate her accurately.

A rough sketch of Clementine

After the sketch, I start on the lineart to make my lines more concise.

Finished lineart of Clementine

Color Palette

The color palette was based off of actual game play colors of Clementine. I tried to make the colors as neutral as possible so I could easily set the mood with background and color overlays for the final product.

Clementine with lineart and base colors


Taking into account Clementine's worn down clothing and the violence that comes with survival, I added details such as blood and bruises from combat and shaded her clothing accordingly.

Clementine with details from her enviroment added on


I knew I wanted an atmosphere that looked as if Clementine was trapped in a dark space and couldn't get out because of her fear of trusting others. Especially because her story line consisted of many important figures that shaped her into the survivor she is in the game. Since she has matured, she has grown to distrust other survivors.

Finished art piece of young teen girl with short, curly pigtails and baseball cap