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I'm Kaitlyn—nice to meet you!

I’m a junior at Michigan State University studying Experience Architecture, with a minor in Japanese. Experience Architecture is the study of user-centered solutions to architect and design digital and physical spaces using visual design, user research, and rhetoric.

As a UX Designer, I aim to create usable, accessible, and sustainable products and services for users. With these user-centered solutions, I hope to innovate and ease the day-to-day interactions of users.

With my design process, I strive to collaborate with users to enact human-centered solutions. These solutions are derived from exercising empathy and building relationships with users through user research and testing to create seamless experiences. Furthermore, I believe forming bonds and creating stories with humans can support and bring about a more user-centered and interconnected world.

When I’m not working, I occasionally draw, play my Nintendo Switch, and indulge in desserts (I have an extreme sweet tooth).

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